YORK COUNTY, S.C. - A scene of violence broke out at little league football game in York County over the weekend.

Deputies say a brawl broke out between four parents during a little league football jamboree at Clover Middle School in Clover, South Carolina.

The parents all have different versions of what led to the fight. NBC Charlotte spoke to those involved, they did not want to release their identity.

The brawl started after a group of parents left the stands when their 6-year-old son didn’t get any playtime.

Another parent walked behind the family, she said she wanted to offer comforting words.

“I said can I speak to you for a minute to explain what game your baby going to play for,” a mother involved in the fight told NBC Charlotte.

She says that’s when one of the parents became irate.

“My 10-year-old son was with me and when he told her to get out of my face that’s when she pushed him to the ground,” she said. “That’s when the altercation happened.”

The other parent involved said that is not true.

“Why would I hit your child? What reason would I have to hit your child,” she said. “ I don’t even hit my own kids.”

This mother claims she was followed and harassed by the woman as her family tried to leave the game.

“Everybody’s like 'Please leave us alone,'” she said. "That’s when she called me out by name and reached back like she was going to hit me, so that’s when I hit her.”

The other parent involved says that’s when she was assaulted by a man.

“The boyfriend came up from behind when me and the girlfriend started fighting. He choked me and pulled me to the ground.”

The man’s wife denies the claims.

“That is not the case, he broke it up. As we fell to the ground that’s how we both skinned our elbows.”

No arrests were made. York County deputies waiting to review surveillance footage before pressing charges. The deputy on scene says all parties were “mutually combatant.”