CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police are investigating after a dispute over a parking ticket escalated into an assault in uptown.

The victim, who works for Park It, was sent to the emergency room with a concussion. He said he was punched in the head after giving someone a parking ticket.

“It’s a risk we all take every day,” said Matthew Parker, the victim.

Parker says he handed out a parking ticket to a construction worker who was blocking a traffic lane without a permit. It happened in the 600 block of South Caldwell Street outside the NASCAR Hall of Fame.

“I answered him why he got a ticket, he just got very belligerent and so I began walking away, and he struck me in the back of the head,” Parker explained.

Parker called the police and then went to the emergency room with a bad headache. He said it turned out he had a concussion. The 34-year-old’s been doing parking enforcement in the city for about a year.

“Sometimes you get threats, people cussing you out, but this is the first time someone actually hit me,” he said.

CMPD told NBC Charlotte they have identified a suspect in the case; however, police say the victim would need a magistrate to issue a warrant before anyone is formally charged.

“I think he should be out of a job, prosecuted, arrested,” says Parker.

Parker says when he returns to work, he’ll be watching his back more closely. He says he’s waiting for a concussion specialist to tell him it’s OK to go back on the job.