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'It’s so much to take in': Pastor of slain mom, grandmother speaks on behalf of family

On Wednesday, police charged William Scott with murder in the death of his mother and grandmother. The family is requesting privacy and prayers.
Credit: WFMY
Outside of Center Grove Baptist Church in Clemmons

Investigators charged 26-year-old William Scott on Tuesday, with murder in the deaths of his mother Kimberly Kyle Scott, 62, and grandmother Glenda Corriher, 84, according to a release from Forsyth County Sheriff's Office and an update from Winston-Salem Police Chief Catrina Thompson. 

The family requested privacy in a statement earlier this week. Kimberly Scott was a member of Center Grove Church in Clemmons and the pastor, Dr. Steve Corts, spoke about her with WFMY News 2. He said he knew Kimberly Scott and her husband for more than a decade. 

“She’s actually my next door neighbor and, so, yes we knew her on a number of different levels as well," Corts said.

Corts described Kimberly Scott as creative and caring.

“Kim was incredibly warm, I would say vivacious," Corts said. "There’s some people that when you see them coming and you want to duck and when there are others and you see them coming you’re glad to see them coming and want them to stay. She was that latter kind of person, very caring, one of those people who naturally invested herself in others and didn’t think a thing about it.”

Corts also described Kimberly's mother, Glenda. 

“From what I understand she was quite a vivacious person and seems to me that Kim had a lot of her mother’s characteristics and qualities, also I think she demonstrated a real concern for people," Corts said.

The pastor said he would see the Scott family, especially Kimberly, around the neighborhood often, but the last time he seen her was in church this past Sunday.

“She was in church the Sunday morning before she lost her life on Monday, that was her first time back before COVID," Corts said.

But Corts said he didn't see William Scott often.

“I would describe him as very gifted, he was a gifted wrestler," Corts said. "He did have struggles though. He did struggle in the last part of his life in this point with some failing mental health and that was certainly a factor.”

Corts said from what he knew and could tell they were a close-knit family.

“We do our best for our children and I believe the Scott’s did," Corts said. "I believe the children were very much loved, they were very much connected to their parents and given every opportunity. So, my concern at the end of the day is, let’s be real careful we don’t hold parents accountable for the sins of their children.”

Corts said the family is asking for prayers and privacy during this difficult time.

“It’s absolutely dizzying for them, it’s hard to get the ground up under their feet," Corts said. "It’s a blow, it’s so much to take in. I’ve been in ministry 40 years and I have not dealt with something like this at this level, multiple levels before.”

Police said Scott killed the women at their homes before he shot up a Winston-Salem police substation earlier this week. 

Police said late Monday afternoon Scott shot several rounds into the Winston-Salem Police Department's District One building using a semi-automatic rifle. 

Officers outside the police station saw Scott shooting from inside a car, and that's when the chase started.

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While all this unfolded, investigators with the Forsyth County Sheriff's Office and Winston-Salem Police Department went to check on the relatives and people who may know Scott - worried they could be in danger.  

In Clemmons, at Scott's parents' home, investigators found the body of Scott's mother, 62-year-old Kimberly Kyle Scott. In Winston-Salem, detectives found the body of Scott's 84-year-old grandmother, Glenda Corriher.

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The family of Kimberly Scott released the following statement earlier this week regarding the deaths: 

"As a family, we are most grateful for the outpouring of concern we have received since the tragic loss of our maternal grandmother, Glenda Snow Corriher, and our wife, mother, grandmother Kim. Words cannot convey the heartache and shock we feel at all that has taken place. Our pain is compounded by the circumstances surrounding our loss. While we may never know all the reasons why this has happened, we can say that we know, now more than ever, the agony and heartbreak that failing mental health can bring to a family.

As we begin to understand all of this, we want to thank the Forsyth County Sheriff’s office, Wake Forest Baptist Chaplaincy, and the Winston Salem Police Department for the help we’ve received. We’d like to thank our neighbors and friends as well for their kindnesses and care. Finally, we want to ask that our community and the media allow us space to grieve as a family and pick up the pieces of our lives. We thank you in advance for honoring this request.

Please know that we covet, above all, your prayers for us both now and in the days to come.

The family of Kimberly Scott" 

Corts said they are working on planning a memorial service for both Glenda and Kimberly at Center Grove, but have yet to finalize a date and time.

William Scott is currently being held in jail without bond. His next court appearance is scheduled for July 1.