CHARLOTTE, N.C. – The perfect hiding place lurks just behind an apartment complex in Steele Creek.

“It’s definitely concerning,” said one woman, who asked to not be identified.

And after what’s been happening lately, who could blame her?

“We had noticed that someone was kind of scoping out our apartments around the corner, looking through the second bedroom window,” she said.

The woman said she was already on edge because this wasn’t the first time she’s had a fright. She said someone slit their windowsill. Two unexplained incidents in a matter of weeks and then Sunday night, while she was in bed, someone came right up to her first-floor window.

“Then I saw him peeking through the right one,” she said.

Whoever it was had to climb over the bushes, the air conditioning units and the television dishes.

The neighborhood, which is right by the Rivergate shopping area, has had a rash of car break-ins and property crime. She’s not sure whether the peeper is after her property or something else.

But she wants it stopped.

“Like, they’ve been peeping through the windows before,” she said. “They clearly tried to make an attempted before. It wouldn’t surprise me if they came back.”

The woman said she’s asked her apartment complex to add security patrols. She’s hoping Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police will do the same. She also said she’d like it if the complex added more lights on the grounds.