STATESVILLE, N.C. – Gunfire erupted at a Statesville home hitting a 9-year-old girl inside.

Neighbors say the shots rang out on Caldwell Street early Tuesday morning. So far, no word on any arrests.

A family member tells NBC Charlotte the 9-year-old girl was sleeping in her bed when the shots rang out.

“49 to 50 shots,” said Jovan Miller, the girl's cousin. “Everybody was sleeping.”

Miller said his 9-year-old cousin is fighting to survive.

“It's like 50-50,” says Miller. “It's really heartbreaking.”

Miller said he struggles to understand what the motive could be behind the shooting.

“I don't think nobody with common sense would shoot up a house knowing children would be in there,” Miller said.

He said the girl's father and uncle were also shot, but they're expected to be OK. Neighbors say they heard gunfire at around 4 a.m. Tuesday.

“Boom, boom, boom,” said one neighbor who asked not to be identified. “The south side is like that. Anything can happen on the south side.”

Now, Miller is making a plea for peace.

“Stop, please stop, just stop, stop,” says Miller.

This time, the trail of violence lead into the home of an innocent victim.

“Such a loving kid, always says, 'I love you,' always,” Miller said. “That's one of her favorite words, 'I love you.'”

Police say they are actively investigating the case. Anyone who has information about the case is urged to contact Statesville Police at 704-878-3406 or Iredell Crimestoppers at 704-662-1340.