CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Police are searching for the person they said vandalized a local cemetery.

The senseless and disrespectful crime has sparked outrage after several tombstones were toppled and others were broken on Rozzelle's Ferry Road.

NBC Charlotte talked to a man who walks by the cemetery every day. He has a lot of questions for whoever did this, starting with, why?

“There's (sic) graves here from the 1800s,” said Christopher Thompson. “I just want to ask whoever did this, why? What do you get out of this?”

Thompson was shocked at what he saw. One tombstone after another toppled. At least one tombstone appeared to be split.

“Everybody has at least several times in their life went through the heartache of having to bury a loved one and then you're going to compound it by breaking their tombstone,” said Thompson. “Them people are already dead, you can't just let them be?”

A woman who asked to remain anonymous said she also noticed the vandalism while driving by the cemetery.

“Very disrespectful, the utmost disrespect,” she said. “Maybe put up cameras, so you catch those doing that type of thing.”

“I think they should have to come out here and build every last one of them again,” said Thompson.

It shows that no place is immune to a senseless crime, not even a final resting place.

“My daddy used to tell me there's only two places on this earth you're supposed to have peace, in your house and in the grave,” says Thompson.

So far, no arrests have been made. Police say they're actively investigating the case.