CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Sexual Assaults at two local schools are now being looked into further, with one thing in common among most reported cases.

Appalachian State

The University Police at Appalachian State University have confirmed they are investigating a sexual assault on a female that happened inside a residence hall over the weekend

According to records, at approximately 3 a.m. on Wednesday, a female student reported that she was sexually assaulted by a male acquaintance inside the residence hall room. The crime occurred on Saturday.

The suspect reportedly was allowed access to the room under the pretense of him charging his phone.

Police say the suspect is not affiliated with the University.

Sophomore Sophie Greenwald said she and her fellow students received an email alert about that assault.

Given the experiences of some of her friends, she felt the university could do more to create an environment where victims are more willing to come forward.

"They'd just rather not bother with it because it's so time-consuming with classes and everything," Greenwald said.

Ellen Grulke is the university's interim interpersonal violence and support coordinator, and she said the school's intensified its efforts to create an environment where both victims and bystanders can report sexual assaults.

"It makes them know that they're not alone and that there is somebody on campus, many people on campus, to support them and get them connected to resources," Grulke said.

Through a combination of mandatory programs for incoming freshmen, campus-wide groups and events, and online resources, she said the university's making significant progress.

But Greenwald said the university can only do so much to prevent assaults.

"It's in the hands of the students," Greenwald said.

UNC Charlotte

When a student reports a sex crime to UNC Charlotte, the school is required to notify the federal government.

NBC Charlotte looked through these reports and uncovered where some of the most violent crimes on campus are happening.

While hundreds of freshman are preparing to embark on the new college experience away from home, their parents worry about what may happen to them and whether they'll be safe living on their own.

NBC Charlotte asked for the 20 most recent reports that would indicate some type of violent crime on campus.

Many of the cases of rape are alleged to have happened in dorms on campus.

From Hunt, Moore and Levine Halls near the main entrance to Miltimore and Lynch Halls off of Cameron Boulevard.

UNC Charlotte reports indicate one case of reported rape at Lynch Hall was "Physical violence consisted of picking her up and dragging her around several rooms, resulting in bruising (...) Consisted of assaulting while she was incapacitated as well as not stopping when she told him to."

It's not just rape cases that are included in these reports. Dating violence is also a major problem.

Like this one from Lynch Hall. "Clients boyfriend spit in her face and grabbed her by the shoulders during an argument. This occurred in the hallway of her dormitory, and her boyfriend is also a UNCC Student."

One report indicated an attack at an off-campus fraternity house for Sigma Tau Gamma.

The student says she was, "Taken into a second floor bathroom and Sigma Tau Gamma house by a 19 or 20-year-old male. Sexual assault occurred, perpetrated by the male."

NBC Charlotte reached out to Sigma Tau Gamma Fraternity for a comment on the story.

At first, the fraternity didn't even know about the case, but eventually said:

"This issue was not brought to our attention because the complainant did not move forward with charges."

There were 25 reported sexual assaults at the UNC Charlotte campus over a three-year span. Many cases go unreported at times because the victims decide not to prosecute.

Often, criminal charges are never filed.

The University encourages any victim of a crime to step forward -- as it may be the only way to put an end to attacks on campus.

UNC Chapel Hill has also reported dozens of violent crimes over the years, many of them include reported sex assaults on campus inside dorms and fraternity houses.