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Son accidentally shot pregnant mother, sheriff's department says

The sheriff's office said on Thursday that both the mother and unborn child are expected to make a full recovery.

LEXINGTON COUNTY, S.C. — A pregnant mother is recovering from a gunshot wound after investigators say she was shot by her child in a Columbia-area restaurant drive-thru on Wednesday.

According to a report filed by the Lexington County Sheriff's Department, the shooting happened just before 8:30 p.m. A Columbia Police officer who was already on the scene said that the driver had been in the drive-through of the Rush's on Harbison Boulevard when she heard a gunshot and realized she had been shot in the stomach.

At this time, the mother told police she had realized her son had fired a gun from the back seat. The mother also told police that she was pregnant.

According to the report, she then took her son inside Rush's until help arrived. The responding deputy said she had blood on her shirt and was holding her torso as he arrived. She was soon rushed to Prisma Richland Hospital for treatment.

Further investigation revealed blood on the seat of the car and a small hole "consistent with a bullet." It also uncovered the gun that appears to have been fired, a 9mm Taurus handgun.

The partner of the victim soon arrived after being called and told about what happened, also explaining that he wasn't sure how the gun ended up in the car.

He told investigators that the car was one he drives and that he carries several friends around to play basketball.

"He advised all his friends carry guns, 'some legally, some illegally,'" the report said.

He said he wasn't sure who the handgun belonged to.

At this point, investigators believe the shooting was an accident. The sheriff's office said on Thursday that both the mother and unborn child are expected to make a full recovery.

Following the incident, Rush's Food Systems Vice President Bill Rademacher issued a statement, describing more about the people who came to the aid of the gunshot victim. It reads:

“A woman was injured in an accidental discharge of a firearm in her personal vehicle at the Rush’s on Harbison Blvd this past Wednesday evening.  We are thankful that the woman and her unborn child are reportedly expected to make a full recovery.  We are grateful to our customers who rallied to her side, one a nurse and one a teacher who cared for the injured woman’s young child who was also in the vehicle.  We are proud of and thankful to our team for rushing to the injured woman and helping her in every way.  The kindness shown by all involved is inspiring.”  

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