STATESVILLE, N.C. — A Statesville day care worker was arrested after police said she abused a child in her care.

According to Statesville Police, officers reviewed surveillance video from Future Generations Child Development that allegedly showed Lori Fisher Turner assaulting a child. After reviewing the video, detectives obtained a warrant against Fisher.

Fisher was arrested Thursday evening and charged with assaulting a child under 12 years old. She posted bond, according to police.

Jennifer Sanchez, the mother of the 22-month-old baby that was abused, said her maternal instincts kicked in when she picked up her son.

"When I first arrived at the daycare to pick him up, he had both of his hands over his head, and he was laying on a cot like he was shielding himself," Sanchez said.

It was Ryan's first day at Future Generations Child Development daycare. The 22-month-old has special needs. Sanchez said her baby was acting different when she picked him up.

She undressed him and found a full-size hand print on his leg. She then called police.

Statesville Police confirmed that Future Generations fired Turner before charges were filed against her in connection with the incident. The day care center is launching their own investigation into the allegations. The daycare supervisor told NBC Charlotte the employee was fired Wednesday morning.

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