GASTONIA, N.C. -- Police in Gastonia believe contractors left with more than just their tools when they finished a job.

A stolen puppy has been reunited with his family after police believe hired contractors stole him on the job.

"I call it low and bold," said the puppy's owner.

Gastonia Police Department has a warrant out for Curtis Lee Oliver Jr.'s arrest. He's facing felony larceny charges for stealing a pit bull puppy.

The family was having their floors redone. The mother was home the whole time.

"When he texted me and told me the job was finished, I came out and not only was it not finished, but my dog was gone," said the puppy's owner.

The victim says Sparky, her less-than-10-week-old pit bull puppy was snatched from his cage. She bought the dog for her five-year-old son three weeks ago.

"He was heartbroken," said the puppy's owner.

During summer a lot homeowners decide to tackle home improvements. However, with those projects often come bad contractors. The Better Business Bureau recommends doing your homework and looking into the company before hiring them.

That's something this Gaston mom, unfortunately, learned the hard way.

"Come to find out they weren't contractors," she said. "One of them was his other tenant and the other guy had just gotten out of prison."