CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Food delivery apps are popping up everywhere. Postmates, Door Dash, Foodie Call-- the list goes on.

According to police, a food delivery driver popped up outside a woman’s house Monday afternoon in Ballantyne, though she says she didn’t order anything.

When she answered the door, that man sexually assaulted her.

“With all of these delivery companies you definitely have to consider how much of a thorough investigation, background investigation these companies are probably doing,” said CMPD Officer Jonathan Frisk.

It is a reality that is hard to swallow for many food delivery app users.

“That’s terrible. It’s very surprising. I associate these apps with, like, an Uber, which tends to be pretty safe,” said one woman.

“You just trust them for the service you download on your phone which is kind of crazy,” another woman explained.

Police are not seeing an increase in these calls and they hope it stays that way. They are urging app users to follow some simple safety tips.

“There’s no reason for that person to come inside your residence,” said Officer Frisk. Instead, stand at your door or step outside.

If you can, have someone with you when you accept the order.

“If you are possibly home alone and you are going to use an app or any type of online service and you’re there by yourself, maybe you want to call one of your neighbors and let them know, be aware,” Frisk went on.

And if you didn’t order anything, don’t answer the door.

Police said this is an open investigation and they are trying to determine whether or not that man was in fact employed by a food delivery service.