CATAWBA COUNTY, N.C. -- Friends and family are calling for justice after an officer-involved shooting.

The incident happened Monday while deputies were doing drug surveillance at a home in Catawba County.
the victims family says their husband and brother was unarmed and did not pose a threat to officers.

Irecas Raysion Valentine was shot by a deputy after authorities say he rammed his vehicle into a patrol car, causing serious damage; Valentine was taken to the hospital where he later died.

Brian Killian, a friend of Valentine's, came outside to find his fence smashed in, a truck sitting sideways in his yard, and his friend in the front seat, suffering gunshot wounds.

"I was in the bathroom and I heard eight shots," Killian said.

"I seen they carry him out in the gurney and put him in the ambulance," he said. " I just knew it was over. As many shots as I heard, there was no way he could've survived that

Catawba County narcotics investigators were watching the area near Killian's house Monday afternoon, when they came in contact with Valentine. Authorities say Valentine rammed the deputy's car while attempting to flee, and the deputy opened fire.

The SBI now investigating to figure out whether the deputy was in harm's way.

"He was a good guy,non-violent guy, never known to carry a weapon," said friend Keisha Collins. "Nothing to justify why police shot and killed him.

And this isn't the first time Valentine has been shot by police. Almost five years ago to the day, Valentine fled from a traffic stop. A Hickory officer says Valentine got out of the car, and charged him, so he shot him.

"The police are gonna make him look like the bad guy but they didn't have answers for the first shooting, they didn't have justification for this shooting, but something needs to be done," Collins said.

"I really do think it was senseless," Killian said.

Friends say he wasn't perfect, but he wasn't violent either, and the husband and father didn't deserve this.

"That's just heartbreaking to think about his baby girl," Collins said. "I think justice should be served for the family. The first time nothing was done. This time around, something needs to be done to bring peace for the family."