CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Campus police said two students were robbed at gunpoint on the University of North Carolina-Charlotte campus Thursday morning.

It happened behind the student union around 2:00 a.m. A few hours later, the suspects were arrested for the crime: Lester McClendon II, Jwuan Horton and Ulondis R-quan Edwards.

Jwuan Horton

Police told NBC Charlotte the victims activated the blue light emergency system, which set off a chain of alerts and got everyone’s attention on campus. Students like Paige Pelletier received an alert on her phone.

“I was pretty scared, because walking late at night is a pretty common thing,” said Pelletier.

Police said the students had been studying and were walking back to their cars when the robbery happened. The blue light alert helped spread the word about the suspects' vehicle to law enforcement.

“Less than four hours later they were apprehended,” said Jeffrey Baker, campus police chief.

Lester McClendon II

Police said the suspects had no ties to the school and were arrested in west Charlotte.

“I’ve never heard of anything like that happening on campus before,” one student told NBC Charlotte.

“We haven’t had a robbery on campus in over three years, so it is rare,” said Chief Baker.

The robbery came just days after two sexual assaults; one on campus and one near campus. So far, no arrests in those cases. In response, campus police stepped up patrols. Officers said there are also more than 300 blue lights on campus.

“If something happens I’m definitely going to have to use one of those,” said Pelletier.

“It shows us the value of that, because we were able to respond immediately,” Chief Baker said.

Ulondis R-quan Edwards

The suspects are also accused of an armed robbery at 7-Eleven on Brookshire Blvd. Thursday morning. They are all charged with charged with conspiracy to commit armed robbery with a dangerous weapon and armed robbery with a dangerous weapon.

On February 13, a fourth suspect was arrested in this case: Jashaun Wynn. He was charged with conspiracy to commit robbery with a dangerous weapon and robbery with a dangerous weapon.

Jashaun Wynn