LINCOLN COUNTY, N.C. -- Officials tell NBC Charlotte a teenager has been arrested in connection with a threatening social media post saying there would be a shooting at 2:30 p.m. Tuesday.

The threat, posted on Snapchat, prompted a lockdown at Lincolnton High School Tuesday around 1 p.m.

Police charged 16-year-old Breiana McAfee with false report of mass violence on educational property, cyberstalking and disorderly conduct.

A concerned parent posted a screenshot of the alleged Snapchat she received from her daughter on Facebook. She said her daughter was scared to death.

"I'm coming for everyone in this school! I will shoot it up at 2:30," the social media post appeared to say.

Lincolnton High School Principal Tony Worley sent a message to parents following the lockdown.

"Today at 12:15, some of our students reported receiving a Snapchat message stating there would be a shooting at Lincolnton High School at 2:30 [Tuesday]," Worley wrote. "We have turned that information over to our School Resource Office and the Lincolnton Police. We have additional police officers on campus for the remainder of the day and during our regular dismissal time. We have made sure that all our doors are locked and secured."

NBC Charlotte's Brandon Goldner reports extra officers were seen on campus Wednesday in the wake of the social media threats.

Outside the school, parents told NBC Charlotte the threat's specifics were especially concerning considering Exceptional Children classes dismiss at 2:30 p.m. in the gym.

"It was a very scary ordeal when you get a phone call," Amber Reynolds said. "You feel like this is a safe place for your kids to go, and you have a peace of mind dropping them off in the morning."

"They would have no idea what's going," Lara Reed, a parent of an exceptional child, said. "They can't process it like a normal high school student."