CHARLOTTE, N.C. - CMPD is investigating a recent string of home invasions, but say these type of crimes are actually down significantly.

The most violent, happened Monday morning. Police say two people managed to get inside a home on Outer Bridge in South Charlotte around 3 a.m.. One of the occupants, Joshua Shulman, 25, died from his injuries Wednesday.

"Certainly one of the things we're looking at was why there was such brutality," said Captain Chris Dozier. "Why did this occur if they were cooperating. All indications were they were cooperative," he explained.

Schulman's godfather told NBC Charlotte, that the men pistol whipped Larry Schulman, Josh Schulman's father. He also said they shot the elder Shulman in the arm. He believes Josh Schulman heard the gunfire and tried to protect his father, but was shot in the head.

"I don't want to use the word random, just because of the brutality there seem to be some intent," said Capt. Dozier.

Investigators have yet to make an arrest in that case, but they are also searching for suspects in two other home invasions in the last week.

Thursday morning, a University City couple called the police after they say a man dressed in a valet trash pick-up uniform, tried to get into their apartment on Ivy Meadow Drive. The resident says he tried to confront the man, but he shot at him.

Last week, a Myer's Park woman told police criminals took her from her home at gunpoint to an ATM to get cash, while her 12-year-old was asleep inside the house.

In spite of these incidents, CMPD says they have seen a decrease in home invasions. There have been 45 home invasion/robberies, compared to 83 this time last year.

In 2016, CMPD investigated 538 occupied burglaries. So far this year there have been 478. Still, police are urging residents to remain vigilant.

"Till we know what we're dealing with and we have suspects in custody, they should have a heightened awareness of their surroundings and what's going on," Dozier said.

Josh Schulman will be laid to rest Friday in a joint funeral service with his grandmother who also passed away this week.

His godfather tells NBC Charlotte the family has decided to donate his organs, in hopes of some good coming out of his tragic death.