CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Two men have been arrested in connection to an armed robbery at a consignment store on East Blvd. 

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police (CMPD) rushed to Sweet Repeats around 11:50 a.m. The consignment shop is just feet away from 300 East restaurant.

Police have arrested 43-year-old Tyrone Kitchen and 47-year-old Alex Lawrence in connection to the armed robbery. 

The 69-year-old owner said the suspect pretended to be a customer at first then demanded money. He implied he had a weapon, according to the police report. 

But the owner said she pointed a can of mace at the suspect, began screaming at him, and that’s when he took off.

“We generally recommend and encourage people to comply because we do not want there to be an escalation of violence,” said Lt. Brad Koch with CMPD.

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Police said they later arrested the two men in a different location by matching their car to the description of the suspect’s car. 

Lt. Koch said robbery is not a crime they often see on East Boulevard in Dilworth.

“Particularly, robberies from business, particularly during the day, so that is certainly an unusual call that we respond to,” he said.

The two men not get away with any items, and the victim was unharmed.

“The business owner was fortunate, and there was not an escalation of violence, but often times we find that’s the case if there is some sort of resistance,” says Lt. Koch.

Police report the two suspects have also been charged in four or five other cases -- but did not release any more information.