CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- A UPS truck was caught on camera parked illegally blocking not one, but two handicap spaces at a Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police station Thursday.

"They shouldn't park there, I don't care what they're delivering," said a Charlotte resident.

Some people are saying the driver committed a cardinal sin. After sending the pictures directly to UPS, the company replied with the following statement to NBC Charlotte:

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. UPS’s policy is that our drivers follow all local, state and federal traffic laws. We will investigate the situation and take appropriate action.

In the meantime, UPS isn't the only big company caught parked illegally in recent months. In August, Chip Johnston took a picture outside the Rite Aid in Mount Holly of a Pepsi truck parked illegally in handicap spaces.

The picture really got his blood boiling.

"For 18 years of my life I was married to a woman who used a wheelchair," said Johnston. "I saw the struggle she went through on a daily basis."

In June, a delivery van with the United States Postal Service delivery was parked where it wasn't supposed to.

"First of all the driver should know better," said Christina Ladd, who's been paralyzed since 2012.

It's rare drivers are ticketed. The latest stats that the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department could provide were from 2015 when at least 29 people were written up. The maximum fine is $250.

Some say drivers need to pay the price.

"Everybody is getting a ticket why not them? They're delivery but still, they know not to park there.," said one person.