YORK COUNTY, S.C. -- York County officials are putting residents on alert about a scam that's causing people to pay thousands of dollars.

Suspects are posing as City of Rock Hill employees, calling customers and demanding an immediate payment on bogus water bills.

Tuesday, the owner of Papa Murphy's Pizza was swindled out of $3,000.

“I feel kind of stupid for letting this happen to me,” said Rob Bales.

Bales said he received a call from a city employee saying he owed $1,500 or, “your water's going to get turned off.”

With no hesitation, Bales paid up.

“I couldn't pay with cash, couldn't pay with a check, couldn't pay with a card," he said. “The only way they could accept that money was through a money pack.”

Thirty minutes later Bales received a second call claiming he owed an additional $1,500 for a late fee.

“They said your water is going to get turned off if you don't do it," Bales explained.

Turns out, the whole thing was a fraud. Bales reported the scam to police.

“I checked the number and it was the City of Rock Hill Water Department, so that made it believable.”

The City of Rock Hill tweeted out a warning which said, “These calls are NOT from the City. If concerned about disconnection, call 803-329-5500.”