ROCK HILL, S.C. – The Winthrop University Police Chief says after a thorough investigation, the report by a student that she was sexually assaulted is "unfounded."

The female student said she was assaulted by a man last October who pinned her down near Scholar's Walk on the Rock Hill campus. She said the man who was wearing khaki pants then ran off.

Chief Frank Zebedis said the police investigation included a review of video from a number of security cameras in the area where the assault is said to have happened.

In a statement, the Chief said, "Winthrop Police found no evidence to substantiate the allegation that an assault occurred or that an assailant was present on campus. The campus was not in danger."

Students had mixed feeling about the decision. One said she feared it would deter others from coming forward.

"They are going to be scared to report it because people are reporting it falsely," said Morgan Petty as she was walking across campus.

Chief Zebedis said no charges were going to be filed against the student who filed the allegation.

Another student, Whitney Burrell, questioned why not, "I don't really know what happened, but that is not a good image to put on Winthrop because this is an incredible school."

The Chief said that because of privacy regulations, he could not release any further information about why no charges were filed.