CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- “Safety of my employees is my number one concern.”

Moo & Brew Manager Justin Lafrancois said business has been good this week for criminals working up and down Central Avenue in Plaza Midwood.

“They’re snatching the purses off of their shoulders and sometimes knocking them to the ground and assaulting them,” he explained.

The latest police report detailing a robbery at 4:00 p.m. Tuesday outside Thomas Street Tavern. A suspect grabbed a woman from behind and took off running with her purse.

The incident pushed Justin to send the following memo out to employees:

“From this moment forward, all female employees are to be escorted to their vehicles at the end of their shift by any other male employee. The police have notified us that there is a man coming into the neighborhood with a woman and they are targeting random females and females that have just left work to assault and rob them. Until we are updated further on this situation I need to urge this new temporary policy for your own safety.”

It is not the first time the hood is seeing this kind of violence. Over the summer, CMPD added foot patrols to the area, in an effort to fight crime.

“We can’t be everywhere at once so having that extra help and extra visibility is very beneficial,” one officer said.