It was a perfect day for Victor Evans.

A great trip over the weekend to the OdySea Aquarium in Scottsdale with his wife and kids for his oldest daughter's birthday was topped off by a touching note found on his car.

"I never thought I would get something like this," Victor said.

Victor served four and a half years in the United States Army as a combat engineer before being medically discharged.

Victor Evans found a note marked "Veteran" on his car. The message inside, he said, made his day. (Photo: Victor Evans)
Victor Evans found a note marked "Veteran" on his car. The message inside, he said, made his day. (Photo: Victor Evans)

"Before I got close enough to see it I expected it to be something bad," he said, "I have DV plates on my car and with everything going on in the country right now I expected some sort of hate or scam."

But that wasn't the case. The message surprised Victor as his wife read it aloud.

"Dear Hero!" The letter began. "Just leaving you with a little love for all that you gave for our great and strong America. I know you must love her for having stood up for her and sacrificing so much! As someone who has benefited from your service, I just want to say, 'Thank you!.' I am grateful for you, for our freedom, and for the good life I have been afforded because of you. God bless!"

Victor said they were words that made a great day perfect.

A Valley veteran found a handwritten note on his car. (Photo: Victor Evans)

The handwritten note was signed "Nothing but love, Natalie."

"I am still thinking about it and how she took the time out of her day to hand write a thank you letter to a total stranger and carefully place it on my car," he said. "It means a lot."

Victor posted a photo of the note on his Facebook and in a Arizona veterans group. He said the message has helped others though his post.

"It didn't just stop with me, which makes it even better," he said.

Many in the comments of Victor's post were quick to point out the "wonderful person" behind the message is the same woman behind Nothing But Love Notes an organization dedicated to spreading love one handwritten note at a time to heroes who "bravely serve our country and community."

Victor said he has yet to meet her, but would like to say thank you.