YORK COUNTY, S.C. -- More than 2 million people are expected to visit the Palmetto State for Monday's highly anticipated solar eclipse.

While I-85 south moved smoothly along the state line, some of the travelers told NBC Charlotte's Evan West that if you're planning on going to Columbia or Charleston for the solar eclipse, you better leave as soon as possible.

"We started making plans six weeks ago," said Jean Turner, a traveler. "You could not get near Charleston or Columbia."

Jean and Jim Turner are traveling from the North Carolina coast. They said they feel late to the party but was able to rent a spot at the state fairgrounds.

"It's called a 'tailgate reservation' so that's where we'll set up our chairs, our foods and have fun," Jim said.

Aaron Shaver, his family and Doberman Pincher drove down from West Virginia. Shaver said he is excited about the eclipse since he has no idea what to expect Monday.

"Just expecting clear skies and a good shot of the moon covering the sun," Shaver said.