The search for eclipse glasses continues as we get closer to the big day but the number of stores having the glasses are starting to dwindle.

Susan Bonnette from Columbia has been on a mission to find the NASA approved glasses.

"Pretty difficult but I found some online and my daughter was concerned they weren't certified. It's a serious thing. Don't want to take any chances. Got four or five granddaughters that are going to be looking at it and wanting to see it and I'm wanting to make sure that they're going to be safe," said Bonnette.

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Many people have been searching for these glasses both in stores and online but how can you know if the glasses you use are safe?

Wearing regular sunglasses aren't going to cut it and protect from the harmful rays. According to NASA, appropriate eclipse glasses will have an ISO code of “12312-2” written on them. You're also asked to take a look and see if the manufacturer's name and address is listed as well.

RESOURCE: Where to Find Eclipse Glasses in the Midlands

A lot of places around the Midlands are running out of glasses so we took a look to find out which stores still had them in stock.

James Masters works for Palmetto Traditions and says they still have plenty in stock including some on the way.

"A lot of people ask for them. Someone will buy a shirt and then they'll buy two or three glasses for the family. I would just advise to get them just so that you can enjoy the eclipse even if it's really short. I think they're worth the buy and they're relatively cheap," said Masters.

We checked in with some other places. 20!20 Vision in Five Points and the Sesquicentennial State Park are out at the moment but they're planning on adding more on the shelves. The Lake Murray Visitor Center and Kroger have the glasses in stock now.

Chris Oliver with Kroger in Forest Acres says they've sold over two hundred of them and spending $1.99 is worth protecting your family.

"You never can be too safe. Especially when it comes to your eyes. I think it's worth while. I've bought four pair for my family just to make sure we're covered," said Oliver.

You can find an extra list of where some places may be selling more glasses here.

A way you can get a free pair of these glasses will be if you come to the WLTX State Fairgrounds the day of the eclipse. We'll be giving away pairs while supplies last at our eclipse tailgate as supplies last.

We're encouraging people to park, bring some food, and enjoy entertainment and the view of the eclipse. Tickets will be $5 per car.

There will be entertainment as well as food trucks. RV parking is also available.

You can find out more information about the total eclipse tailgate on