Getting your hands on those coveted eclipse glasses may have been a hollow effort, so you need to resort to alternative methods.

There is an alternative way to viewing the eclipse that has been swimming around on social media saying that if you want to view the eclipse, but do not have the proper eye wear, you can use the selfie-method.

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You turn your back towards the sun, and reverse the camera as if you're taking a selfie and view the eclipse that way. The sunlight won't damage your phone's lenses but the reflection from the phone screen may be dangerous to look at, experts say.

Dr. Tongalp Tezel, a retina expert at Columbia University Medical Center tells people to avoid this method of viewing the eclipse.

The reflection from the screen could be potentially dangerous and could possibly cause retinal damage.

Also, the glare from the sun is not going to result in a good picture of the eclipse. It will essentially just be a giant flare of light, or just a big bright ball of light.

However, if you decide to take a picture of the solar eclipse through your smartphone, the lenses will be perfectly safe and no harm will come to your phone or to you as long as you're wearing the proper eclipse glasses.

As for the selfie method, be careful if you decide to try it.