IREDELL COUNTY, N.C. -- A local school district is taking an aggressive approach to protecting the lives of their students -- installing more than 50 specialized doors -- to create a sort of safe haven away from anyone wishing to do harm.

This comes on the five year anniversary of the Sandy Hook Massacre, that claimed the lives of 26 people, 20 of the victims being children.

It was a day in history America will never forget.

Twenty innocent first-graders and six school staffers bravely trying to protect them, were all shot and killed that day.

In the months and years following that horrific massacre, the country has witnessed many more like it. So parents and teachers at Central Elementary School in Iredell County are taking action.

They’ve raised close to $10,000 to purchase more than 50 fortified doors.

“The teacher can actually shut the door, activate this device. And it renders the door impermeable for someone trying to get in,” PTO President Stacy Campbell said.

The manufacturer, Campus Safety Products, says the doors are designed so simple, a child as young as four years old will be able to engage.

The doors can withstand 5,500 pounds of force and each classroom will be outfitted with one.

“We just received a ton of support from the community,” said Campbell.

Parents, grandparents and former students are all pitching in if it means protecting the lives of innocent kids and the educators who work tirelessly to keep them safe.

Campbell said the goal is to place these doors inside the entire Iredell Statesville School system.

We reached out to CMS to see if this is something they are working on as well, we’ve not gotten a response back.