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“How is CMS going to handle that?” | Students have fear, anxiety about upcoming school year

Two Providence High School students open up about their biggest concerns going back to school amid the coronavirus pandemic.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — How schools should reopen has been a hot topic of discussion for months and as the school year approaches, students are feeling fear and anxiety.
Two Providence High School students spoke with WCNC Charlotte and say they have a lot more questions for CMS than answers.

“It is likely and realistic to think that there will be some cases that outbreak. How is CMS going to handle that?” asked Mia Spies, a rising junior.

It’s not the typical back to school question, as students prepare for and worry about the worst case scenario.

“It’s really what happens if one student has it? Let’s say we do the 3 days and then 2 days later someone tests positive and gets sick, what happens to whoever interacted with them,” said Daniel Binder, a rising senior.

Spies and Binder are both going to the first two weeks of in person learning at Providence High School. Both are involved in the theater program. Last year’s production of Mary Poppins was set to open on the day Governor Cooper closed schools.

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“That was a very big thing for us and that quite literally got taken away from us because of this,” said Binder.

They worry about the long-term impact this will have on their lives. Even as teenagers, they feel the weight of all that is happening.

“I have questions and information that I feel like CMS has not provided for us yet that I feel like would be helpful if they could come together and release a plan on what everything will look like those first 2 weeks,” said Spies.

"I feel like I'm missing out, but I'd rather stay home and have everybody be safe then go and have these experiences but have that in the back of my mind that this could end any day,” said Binder.

Despite the fear, Superintendent Earnest Winston told WCNC Charlotte they are standing by Plan B Plus Remote for now.  “It gives us the best opportunity to provide a quality education for all of our students,” said Winston. He added that they are prepared to make adjustments to plan if the data changes.

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