ROCK HILL, S.C. - It is the news every bond supporter wants to hear: "Our projects are on time and on budget." For Rock Hill Schools that is no small task.

Back in 2015, voters approved a $110 Million Dollar Bond Referendum to improve a number of schools in need.

While several early projects may have gone unnoticed by passersby, several high-profile construction work sites are easy to spot.

This includes work at Sullivan Middle School, where $18 Million is fixing the roof and building a new elementary school where the old football field is now.

"There has been a tremendous amount of work." said Mychal Frost with Rock Hill Schools.

Mychal Frost is the Director of Communications for RHS. He says delivering on the promises made is important to keep the trust of the voters.

"This was a referendom that was supported by over 80% of the community, so to be able to show progress of that work has been a blessing for all of us."

NBC Charlotte got a tour of several schools being worked on Wednesday. At Rawlinson Road Middle School, all of the outside windows have been replaced, and the home economics room is receiving a new ventilation system.

Principal Jean Dickson says the improvement will help her students acheive more.

"We're very excited about the apperance of our building. Changing the windows has improved the building aesthetically. It does make us feel good as educators that our community supports us."

Mother of two Kelly Lewis supported the Bond Referendum, and has been impressed with the progress.

"Let's face it. Our kids spend more time in a school building than they do at home so I want my children in a school that has nice windows." She added, "Being a home owner, you want those things for your own home. Why wouldn't you want that for your school?"

The first day of school for Rock Hill Schools is on Thursday, August 17.