CHESTER COUNTY, S.C. -- Parents are concerned about the health of their children after bats were found inside a Chester County elementary school.

The district says they have done everything possible to fix the issue at Great Falls Elementary School and that the problem has been alleviated. Parents, however, say more needs to be done after students spotted more bats just last week.

The South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control are now asking parents to determine if any direct contact has been made with bats. If so, they need to see a doctor immediately.

Parents are now questioning if the district is jeopardizing their children’s health.

“It’s disgusting,” said Brandi Fite.

Fite recently moved to the area and has a daughter who attends the school.

One parent, who is a Great Falls native, tells NBC Charlotte the bats in the school have been an issue for at least a decade. Shanika Howze says she recently saw a crowd of them in the area.

“It was like a swarm of bats over the school,” she said.

Two weeks ago, the Chester County School District sent a letter home informing parents three bats were found inside of the school on August 11. The bats were removed, classrooms were cleaned and deterrents were put on the roofs. According to the district, the problem was handled but students say otherwise.

“My daughter was telling me they’ve seen dead bats and feces in the school,” said Howze. “It’s very concerning.”

“If they’re dropping everywhere, how good are they cleaning?” said Fite.

The district hasn’t confirmed any recent sightings but did say an air quality inspection was performed before the start of school to ensure the presence of bats and droppings did not affect air quality.

School leaders are also working with state officials such as DHEC and the Department of Natural Resources to ensure the proper removal of any bats that may be found in the future.