CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- A business development class at Myers Park High is learning more than just the typical fare.

The teacher is talking about opioids – an issue that's been declared a public health crisis and a major problem across the country, including right here in North Carolina. Even schools across our area are dealing with the opioid crisis, like Myers Park High.

“It’s actually a very serious issue here – a lot of people don't take it as seriously as they need it," said sophomore Elefteria Euripedes.

These students are part of a pilot program. The class is produced by a company called Eeverfi and gives them the lowdown on opioids like what exactly they are, how dangerous they can be and how to get help.

“The ideas it gives them to handle being in situations like that,” said teacher Tierra McDonald.The students take the class at their own pace over a semester and when they're done, there's a group discussion.

“It opened my eyes to looking at how many pills when - you can actually overdose," said senior Malik Winchester.