CHARLOTTE, N.C. — The Charlotte-Mecklenburg School Board met and quickly moved to a closed door session late Tuesday afternoon, November 27, to discuss Dr. Clayton Wilcox's job performance.

The superintendent makes $280,000 a year, but he's eligible for a performance bonus of 10 percent -- $28,000 extra.

Now that Wilcox is halfway into his second school year leading CMS, he's under the microscope.

This school year has been one of high and lows. Wilcox has earned high marks for streamlining the curriculum, leveling the playing field for kids from all walks of life.

However, reading scores fell to a five year low and the graduation rate dipped. There's also been the recent violence: a deadly shooting at one school, guns found at other schools. This comes along with criticism that the district is not doing enough to keep kids safe.

According to Wilcox, he has a six year plan to improve CMS' performance, and he s hoping this evaluation will lead to a contract extension so he can see the plan through.

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