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CMS brings students back for more in-person learning

The CMS superintendent is planning to recommend middle and high school students to also move to Plan A of in-person instruction with minimal social distancing.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools K-5 has returned to in-person learning four times a week with remote learning on Wednesdays.

Meanwhile, the CMS superintendent is planning to recommend middle and high school students to also move to Plan A of in-person instruction with minimal social distancing.

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"The more they can be in-person the better," CMS parent Rachel McBeth said. "I don't really see how that's a negative schedule change for parents because if you're a working parent it means your kid is in school more days."

McBeth has three kids in CMS, two in elementary and one in middle school. She's excited to send them back to the classroom as much as possible.

"I just think there's things they get from in-person that they can never get from remote, that social aspect there's just no way we can replicate it at home," McBeth said.

Meanwhile, other parents say it's been hard to keep up with all of the changes.

"We have taken the children through so many changes over the course of the last year that it just didn't make a lot of sense to me in the middle of March when we have two and a half months left," CMS parent Harilyn Belvin said. "People aren't really taking into consideration of what all the sudden changes are doing to the children and the families and the teachers."

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This comes after a push from lawmakers and parents to get kids back to school for more days.

The CDC also recently changed its guidelines, now saying students can safely sit three feet apart instead of six feet. Masks and handwashing are still required. 

"They don't spread it like adults do, they're masking, we don't have a lot of evidence within studies in schools that they're big spreaders," Novant Health Dr. David Priest said.

The CMS school board will meet Tuesday and discuss middle and high school students potentially getting more classroom time.


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