MINT HILL, N.C. - Police have arrested 31-year-old Lamont Barrett, a CMS substitute teacher, for having inappropriate contact with a student.

Mint Hill officers say Barrett also showed the 16-year-old male student pornographic videos while on the job at Rocky River High School.

On Friday, police announced more potential student victims have come forward with new allegations, all of which are being investigated thoroughly.

Five CMS teachers, two of whom were substitutes, have been arrested for inappropriate sexual conduct with students in the past few months. The charges range from indecent liberties with a student to actual sex acts with them.

CMS does require background checks for substitute teachers, although North Carolina state law does not require them.

“Our students in North Carolina deserve to have a teacher that's been vetted,” a state school board attorney told NBC Charlotte.

Mint hill police say they are investigating the new allegations against Barrett. It’s possible he may face more charges in the next few days.