CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- The freezing temperatures have become a major concern for many schools across our area.

For parents as well. Several Charlotte-Mecklenburg School students went home saying they were stuck shivering in freezing classrooms. It's a problem seen several times this week in different districts.

While in Charlotte, there is no snow but everyone is playing it safe with the frigid temperatures. Almost two dozen school districts in the area are back in session after being closed or on delay due to the fact that there was no heat in the schools.

Southwest Middle was included in a long list of CMS schools with heating issues, but Friday school officials say it should have heat to all portions of the school. North Meck High school students were out of school Wednesday due to a lack of heat. But the school said repairs were made to the boiler, so kids will also be back Friday.

Part of Hopewell High School in Huntersville also without heat. According to CMS, students had to be moved to another part of the school as crews worked to fix the problem.

While Union County also had to face similar issued. Sun Valley High School in Monroe had no heat but the district decided not to delay classes. A majority of the issues were repaired immediately but they ranged from pipe breaks and boilers not working, to electrical outages. Specifically to hallways classrooms and gyms.

Now that the heat is back on, CMS said it will continue to monitor school buildings throughout the district to determine appropriate responses to any issues that may arise. School officials said there is a comprehensive relocation process for classrooms without heat to move students to heated areas so that education and learning can continue.

While it's heating up in the classroom, Families and students are reminded to dress warmly while at the bus stop where it's cold. Parents are encouraged to download Rowling the Here Comes the Bus app to cut down the wait time.