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Frustrations grow for CMS parents who want kids back in school permanently

Several parents are calling for in-person learning, while some teachers are wanting the district to care more about the well-being of staff.

MECKLENBURG COUNTY, N.C. — Charlotte Mecklenburg School officials have pivoted time and time again on their back to school plan. And while they didn't make changes to the back to the classroom plans on Tuesday night, frustrations still persist among parents and staff.

"We do have to do in-person teaching," said Jamie Keogh, a CMS parent. "They're just not learning."

"Just because I can provide Wi-Fi does not mean that way of learning works for my daughter," added Mary McCormick, another CMS parent.

Several parents sounded off to school board members on Tuesday night, frustrated with the process and the way their kids are being educated.

"I walked in the other day to him holding up his math equations to the camera on screen and my heart broke that this is how my child is trying to learn basic math," McCormick said.

Their concerns come after the board changed the plans to increase the number of times students are in the classroom for grades K-5.

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Starting on November 2, two groups will alternate in-class instruction two days a week, every week with Wednesdays reserved for virtual learning. 

However, for some, that's not enough of a change. 

"The damage that you're doing to K-5th grade is irreparable," said Keogh. 

But for others, especially teachers, their health and workload are already taking a hit and some are demanding more understanding. 

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"There must be limitations on what they are asked to do," Amanda Thompson-Rice said.

"We are exhausted, we are stressed, we do not feel valued," CMS teacher Darina Cooper added. 

No changes made to the plans Tuesday night. The A and B days will only apply to K-5 starting November 2. 

Nothing has changed with other grades and the virtual academy.