HUNTERSVILLE, N.C. -- A battle is brewing between the Charlotte-Mecklenburg School system and the town of Huntersville as town commissioners voted Tuesday evening to not support CMS' nearly one billion dollar bond proposal.

The town commissioners are not happy with CMS' $922 million package saying the schools in the north part of Mecklenburg county are not getting enough attention, particularly for growth.

If the voters approved the bond it would fund 29 projects across Mecklenburg county. However, leaders in Huntersville pointed out that there are only two projects in their area.

One of the projects would be a new elementary school. The other would be new classroom additions to two pre-existing schools. But with the large amount of growth the county is experiencing, Huntersville leaders says they should see more projects to accommodate.

"They're not taking into account the growth we are experiencing up here," one Huntersville town commissioner said. "We need them to go back and revisit their metrics and let us sit down and have some dialogue."

Huntersville commissioners want to revisit the bond with CMS leaders and make a more equitable plan that divides the funds evenly throughout the county.