HUNTERSVILLE, N.C. -- Democratic Governor Roy Cooper defended his spending proposal for schools and school safety while condemning Republican plans unveiled Thursday.

“It’s just not enough,” Cooper said of the Republican proposal that totals $35 million.

Cooper, who made his remarks while touring J.M. Alexander Middle School, proposed spending $130 million on schools and school safety.

“These investments begin the process of providing our state the necessary resources to safeguard our children’s mental and physical health," said state representative John Torbett from Gaston County as he defended the Republican plan.

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Cooper said the Republicans don’t have their priorities straight and favor cutting taxes for big businesses over education.

“They want to make sure that corporations get the breaks. I say we invest that in public education. I say we invest it in school safety,” Cooper said.

Asked how he could win a budget battle in the legislature where Republicans are in the majority in both houses, Cooper echoed the chant teachers used during their rally last week in Raleigh: “November is coming,” he said.