CHARLOTTE, N.C. - The secret is out. Some local teenagers are getting the 'inside scoop' on what it's like to be an FBI agent.

Today marks the last day of the week-long FBI Teen Academy held at the offices of the FBI's Charlotte facility.

"We have some other techniques that we're showing them," said agent Kevin DeShazo. "That they get a little bit better in-depth understanding of what we're doing."

Activities include dusting for fingerprints to figuring out the trajectory of a bullet.

"You can tell like where the bullet came from and where the shooter was standing," mentioned academy attendee, Ciara Weaver. "I thought that was pretty interesting."

And for these high-schoolers, some are hoping to, one day, bear the title and badge of "FBI Special Agent."

Attendee Shannon Gardner said, "Coming here truly helped me learn that this is what I want to do when I get older."