CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- A middle school math teacher took students by surprise on their first day of class Monday with her own version of a popular rap song in replacement of a typical introduction.

Shatina Morgan, 29, is an eighth grade math teacher at WhiteWater Middle School. While attending a teaching conference over the summer, she was inspired when they discussed how to bring joy into your classroom.

"So listen class, you can learn some math if you want to," Morgan started her rap with.

Morgan downloaded an instrumental version of the popular song, "Bodak Yellow" by Cardi B, and created her own mathematically-inspired lyrics in an effort to bring fun and education to the classroom.

"They learn by music so taking a rap and changing the lyrics, just to help them remember stuff, that's my whole goal," Morgan said.

Morgan is planning on incorporating music into her math curriculum throughout the year. She said she is planning on doing a unique song at the beginning of each of her nine units.

As for bringing her music to the first day of class, Morgan wasn't sure how the students would take it.

"I was really out of my comfort zone, I'm laid back and quiet but I wanted to do something different... I wanted to hype it up a little bit," Morgan said.

Morgan prepared by dressing the part and practicing before-hand in front of her colleagues.

"Once I got their approval, I built up my own confidence," Morgan admitted.

"I overheard them in the hallway later saying, 'The math teacher, oh she's fresh.'"

Morgan hopes her rap songs and musical math curriculum with bring some fun to the classroom and inspire the students to get excited for school.

"I want this really to show the world that kids can have fun in school, that's my main purpose of it," Morgan said. "The joy just really feels good."