CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- A controversial survey that caused an uproar among parents is being pulled from the classrooms of Cabarrus County middle schools.

This school year, the middle schools agreed to partner with the Cabarrus Health Alliance for a survey about students' sexual experiences and behavior.

The survey was part of a grant the Health Alliance was awarded to examine and decrease teen pregnancy rates.

The survey was administered to eighth-grade students and contained several probing questions asking for specific information.

Parents were given the option to opt out last Spring, however, if they did not return the form, their child was automatically part of the participant pool.

As word of the nature of the sex survey reached parents, they immediately began contacting the schools and the health alliance.

On Wednesday, the school and the health alliance both agreed to end the survey, effective immediately. Students at four schools had already completed the survey. Four more were scheduled to take it at a later date but now it's canceled.

CEO and Public Health Director of Cabarrus Health Alliance Dr. William Pilkington released the following statement:

Pregnancy prevention efforts and positive youth development are critical components of public health but the trust of parents and students in this community is paramount.

The remainder of the statement can be found here: