CHARLOTTE, N.C. - NBC Charlotte is asking tough questions about traffic and safety near a local elementary school.

Back in June, parents were petitioning for safety improvements around Ballantyne Elementary School, after a child was hit by a car at the end of last school year.

Now, the Charlotte-Mecklenburg School District responding to NBC Charlotte by saying they share concerns with parents. In light of those concerns, CMS released a new safety plan for the upcoming school year.

Construction has been going on all around Ballantyne Elementary School, except one place parents have wanted work to be done.

One parent told NBC Charlotte it’s taken too long to get a cross walk put in.

“It’s very difficult for them to cross by, so we should definitely have a cross walk here,” he said.

In June, parents circulated a petition for safety improvements, after a child was hit by a car near the school.

“I signed the petition for the safety of the kids, at the end of the day we're here for the children,” said one father.

“Now with all the construction going on around our school, it's made it even more dangerous,” said another parent.

However, there are no visible changes at the intersection for the upcoming school year. NBC Charlotte talked to one father who asked us to hide his face. He says he was formerly in law enforcement, a volunteer firefighter, and a volunteer medical responder.

“You’re going to need crossing guards, it’s as simple as that. At least two from what I see,” he said.

Now, CMS released new details about a safety plan to NBC Charlotte. School leaders say they’ve been working with several local agencies about the concerns.

CMS is planning to have a new traffic flow design during school hours and creating a timeline of events. They will also have an officer helping with traffic for the first couple weeks of school and then they may hire a crossing guard after that, according to a statement.

The plan also includes adding permanent new signage to help with traffic issues.

Parents say they’d like to see safety improvements as soon as possible. “By the time the school starts, we need that,” said one parent.

CMS says the new safety plan will take effect at the start of the school year. Parents will be receiving a letter about the plan as well.