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New South Carolina bill would require high schoolers to pass personal finance class to graduate

It's part of a nationwide push to teach students real life skills. An "Adulting 101," you could say.

YORK COUNTY, S.C. — When you graduated high school, did you know how to balance your checkbook? How about picking the right insurance plan or making 401k investments? 

If South Carolina lawmakers have their way, students in the Palmetto State will. They're working on a new bill that would require all students to take a personal finance class before they can graduate. It's all part of a nationwide push to teach "real life" skills. 

An "Adulting 101," you can say. 

From creating a realistic budget and cooking (without using the microwave) to changing a flat tire, there are many skills students can learn in school, but typically it's in a course that specializes in one field, such as auto shop. But now, some schools are picking up on the idea of "adulting days," where they skip science or math class and teach kids some of these skills they'll need once they're on their own, either in college or in the workforce. 

If the bill passes, it would go into effect starting the next school year. The class would be a half-credit course and students will be required to pass a test before they can walk across the stage and receive their diploma. 

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