ROCK HILL, S.C. — It’s the latest incident in a disturbing trend. This time, the incident happened at York Road Elementary School in Rock Hill, the suspect only 11 years old.

According to the police report, the fifth-grade student had a kitchen knife with a 7-inch blade, and told authorities she was going to “stab someone.”

“We charged the 11-year-old girl with carrying a weapon on school grounds,” said Capt. Mark Bolinger with the Rock Hill Police Department.

According to Bolinger, this is the fourth time this school year a weapon has been found on a student.

The other incidents involved high schoolers who brought guns to campus. In at least one of those cases, the gun was loaded.

“It’s a spike here at the beginning of the school year,” said Bolinger.

Many parents are wondering what the district is doing to stop this issue.

NBC Charlotte has been pushing for that answer for the past several weeks, after the last incident a spokesman for the district sat down with NBC Charlotte’s Billie Jean Shaw to answer questions.

“There is not one solution that is going to stop a student from bringing a weapon in the school,” Mychal Frost said. “What we are doing is a layered approach.”

That layered approach includes upgrading security footage, issuing background checks for volunteers and random searches for weapons at all three high schools.

“This is something we saw as a necessary deterrent and will be extending into our middle schools as we go forward,” Frost said.

Rock Hill Schools have relaunched their “See Something, Say Something” campaign where students can submit anonymous tips online about safety concerns.

This tool isn’t for just reporting weapons. A few weeks ago, the district received a tip about student making suicidal threats. The district then informed police, who were able to save the child’s life.

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