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South Carolina school district increasing event security

Recently, leaders in a South Carolina school district started looking at ways they can increase safety measures at school-sponsored events.

CLOVER, S.C. — As we're learning more information about a deadly shooting at a California garlic festival, the shooting has once again put gun safety, and in turn school safety, at the top of everyone's minds. This comes as parents, students and teachers get ready to start a new school year. 

The garlic festival was the latest place that people expected to be supposed to be safe and family-friendly. Now, leaders in a Charlotte-area school district are looking at those same kinds of places, finding one soft target off-campus where they hope to harden its edges. 

Starting this year, the Clover School District will have metal detectors and wands at the entrances to Memorial Stadium. They'll also require everyone to carry bags that are clear and easy to see through, similar to the rules seen at NFL games. 

It's an extra step to make sure everybody's safe, and they believe it's an important measure -- important but not foolproof. Police say the gunman at the garlic festival bypassed metal detectors, sneaking in through a fence.

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Leaders in Clover say in a time like this, the more security layers there are the better. To school leaders, it's about providing the safest possible environment for everybody. That is why Clover Police will be on hand at every game -- something they've done for years.


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