CLEVELAND COUNTY, N.C. - A Cleveland County student is accused of posting a threat to shoot up his high school on Snapchat back on the first week of school in August.

Deputies said the student, who NBC Charlotte is only identifying as a 17-year-old Crest High School student because no criminal charges have been filed yet, posted the message after being punished by administrators for smoking an e-cigarette on the school campus.

Investigators said they were tipped off to the message by a parent, which said "Got out of school suspension for 2 days for planning to shoot up the school. The officer found my notes and map of the school and found my shotgun and AR-15 in my car so guess y'all get to live."

According to an investigative report obtained by NBC Charlotte, deputies ultimately found no weapons or anything of evidentiary value after the student's mother gave them permission to search his car, locker and belongings.

In response to NBC Charlotte's request for comment, the school system e-mailed the following:

"In any case, when dealing with someone reportedly issuing threats toward a school, we launch an investigation and work with local law enforcement to determine if the threat is real. If so, we then decide the best course of discipline per the Student Code of Conduct while law enforcement works through any type of legal components with the person. We certainly communicate with parents quite often and via letter when possible, but never wish to sensationalize a matter of such concern."

While the school system didn't give specifics on this case, the incident report said the student received, "severe consequences" from the school, and criminal charges are pending.

However, courthouse records indicate no charges have been filed yet.