CHARLOTTE, N.C. — There are major developments about gun concerns at a local high school.

On Monday, Myers Park High School was forced into lockdown just before lunchtime, after social media reports surfaced claiming a student had a gun on campus.   

NBC Charlotte has learned there were actually two gun scares that same day. The district says the gun cases do not appear to be related; one happened on campus and the other off campus.   

Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools says suspects are in custody, but some parents are accusing the district of downplaying the situation.

NBC Charlotte obtained video posted to social media, which according to sources,  shows the frantic moments inside the school cafeteria during the lockdown.

Peter Deer, an 18 year-old student, says he was inside his classroom at the time.

“We locked the door, placed furniture in front of it to keep it safe, and all moved away from the windows,” Deering told NBC Charlotte.

NBC Charlotte has learned about key details missing from CMS’ initial email to parents on Monday. 

The district first said the lockdown came in response to reports on social media that a student may have a gun on campus.  

“I thought it was just like a drill or anything,” said Amelia Ho, a sophomore at Myers Park High School.

However, on Tuesday CMS sent an email to parents saying the student did have a weapon campus. Principal Mark Bosco said "consequences have been levied according to the CMS Student Code of Conduct" after an investigation.

Sources tell NBC Charlotte a photo posted on social media shows the gun.

“Apparently a student fled the scene went into the woods and he was apprehended,” said Mark Dillon, a student at the school.

Now, NBC Charlotte has learned of a second gun incident related to the high school on the same day, which was also missing from the school’s initial email.    

Tuesday, the principal told parents that there were two cases -- a student had a weapon on campus, and another student posted a video of herself holding weapons in a car off campus. 

"CMPD does not feel the incidences were connected nor was there a direct threat to anyone at school," Principal Bosco said. 

“It’s happening almost on a weekly basis,” a parent said to NBC Charlotte.

Just last week there were two other gun incidents at different CMS schools.

Just last week, a gun was found on a student at South Mecklenburg High School.  

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Then just days later, school officials said another student brought a gun to school at Ranson Middle School, but never entered the building with the weapon.

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It all comes after the district implemented new security measures, including using metal detecting wands on students and searching their backpacks.

“I don’t think it makes me feel safer because it’s only done at certain schools at certain times and there’s really no policy for a day to day security system,” one mother previously told NBC Charlotte.

Principal Bosco said they will work with students to increase preparedness while processing trauma of the experience.  

"School safety is my number 1 priority and I need the help of staff, students and parents to make this happen," Bosco told parents. 

In the latest cases at Myers Park High School, 18 year-old Arturo Vizcanio and a 15 year-old were arrested and charged with possessing a weapon on school property. 

CMS said once the lock-down was lifted at Myers Park High School, they continued with lunch time and the rest of the school day.

“We weren’t sure what was going on, that not knowing is what kind of scared us,” said Dillon.

Off camera, some parents told NBC Charlotte they believe CMS downplayed the situation.  In an email to parents on Tuesday, the principal said they will make necessary adjustments with protocols and staff responses.

CMS said the two incidents at Myers Park High School did not involve specific threats made against students.