WATAUGA COUNTY, N.C. -- The December snow once again forced school systems in the mountains to shut down Wednesday.

In Watauga County, kids haven't been to class since last Thursday. It's the first time in six years Watauga had to cancel school in the month of December.

Watauga County School System's Garrett Price said administrators already shut down schools four times in December, but they're not too worried about making up days.

"The average number of days that we typically miss in a school year hovers around 15," Price said. "That number has been as low as four and almost as high as 40."

Price said the county has about 12 makeup days built into the calendar if needed.

Administrators also have the option of cutting back on holidays, shortening spring break or Saturday school.

North Carolina requires students be in class for a minimum 185 days or 1,025 hours, and the school year can't go past June 8, 2018.