LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- A son who gave the ultimate sacrifice and his mother who loved him unconditionally will now rest in peace, together.

“They're standing side by side, they're both smiling, and I think that's how they are right now,” Latricia Stiles said while describing a picture of her nephew, Charleston Hartfield, and her sister, Cheryl Stiles.

Hartfield was a Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Officer who was at the Route 91 Harvest Festival in Las Vegas the night of October 1. He was one of the 58 people who was shot and killed by mass shooter, Stephen Paddock.

His aunt told WHAS 11 News that Hartfield was a country music lover, enjoying the night off.

‘Him and his wife were attending the concert,” she explained. “In his line of work, it's to be expected, but he wasn't at work that day.”

As soon as bullets started to fly, Hartfield shielded his wife then began helping others.

“It was helpful to know and I feel for everybody that was lost,” consoled to know her nephew died protecting those around him.

HIs funeral attracted thousands of people. His casket was draped in the American flag for the 34-year-old officer, the U.S. Army veteran, and the father of two.

“We need more of him, we need more men and women to be like him, just caring and giving and willing to help other people,” Stiles explained.

Stiles says his mother, Cheryl, known as Sissy was heartbroken. She collapsed the night of his funeral, caused by a heart attack, and then died two days later.

“She said she wanted to be with her baby, she wanted to be with her son.”

Stiles told WHAS11 News that Hartfield wrote a letter about a year ago with instructions for when he died. He asked people not to mourn at his funeral.

Stiles said Hartfield was a man of God and believes that faith is what is keeping her strong.