NORFOLK, Va. (WVEC) -- A social media post displaying a photo of a receipt from a local pizza place is making the rounds online.

The receipt, from Del Vecchios on West 47th Street, appears to read "F*** THA POLICE."

"We've never ran into a situation like this before," said Owner, Stephen Keddrell.

Keddrell spoke to 13New Now a day after the receipt made its rounds online. He explained that an employee wrote the offensive prase to an officer he knew.

"It was a joke between themselves and someone else took offense to it," Keddrell said.

It's unclear how the post surfaced online, Keddrell explained. He claimed to have had no idea that the joke was ongoing between the two.

"It was a joke in poor taste, not for the workplace," he said. "That employee has since been terminated for his actions because we don't believe he acted appropriately under representing Del Vecchios as a whole."

The pizza place released a statement on Facebook apologizing for the incident and saying that the employee responsible will be held accountable and dealt with accordingly.

Several law enforcement officers defended the restaurant in the comments of the post, saying they have always been treated very well by the staff and this incident won't stop them from eating there.

"I've been there personally many times and have never had any issues with the establishment," said David Lefleur, Norfolk Police Union President. "The ownership from the get-go took appropriate actions as far as what I would want to see as someone in law enforcement."