DETROIT LAKES, Minn. — Chris Schultz's family is sharing his story of heroism, after the 31-year-old gave his life to save his son on Father's Day weekend.

"He loved his kids more than life itself," said Chris' brother, Ryan Olson. "Everyone says it, but he proved it."

Schultz leapt into action after his three year old son, Ashton, fell off Long Bridge in Detroit Lakes on Saturday.

"Ashton, being a curious, adventurous, 3-year-old, crawled through the rail and fell," Olson said. "Someone saw it and Chris went over instantly."

Olson says his brother managed to get Ashton to the surface, but he struggled to keep his own head above water as he handed his son off to a woman near the shore.

"(Chris) was holding on to her as well," Olson said. "He just couldn't hang on and he let go."

A dive team pulled Chris from the water a half hour later. He died in the hospital just a few hours before Father's Day. Though he sacrificed everything for his son, Olson says that act alone doesn't fully describe the type of man he was.

"Chris would do that for your kids, he would do that for my kid, he would do that for anyone's kid," Olson said. "He's always helped his whole life. He's helped everyone."

For proof of that, Olson shared what his brother is doing now.

"He was transferred to the U of M hospital to donate (his organs)," Olson said. "His eyes, for sure, I believe they're going to donate ligaments, some different tissues, possibly bone marrow. So, he's still going to help some more people out."

One final, heroic, chapter in a story of selfless sacrifice.

"I hope (his children) always remember, and know, that their dad is a hero," Olson said. "He would do it again in a heartbeat. I just want those kids to never blame themselves, and just know that their Dad is my hero."

Chris leaves behind four children, and wife, Chelsie Thomas. The family has set up a GoFundMe page to help them pay for medical and funeral expenses.