VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WVEC) -- A father, tired of seeing what looked like drug deals near his home, finally took a stand.

"The other day I get a call from my wife saying there's a guy doing a drug deal 20 feet away from my kid at the park in the parking lot right here," said Jeremiah Fjeld, who said he just moved into the neighborhood near Mirror Lake Drive and London Bridge Road about a month ago.

Not far from home, he didn't waste time taking care of the situation and calling police.

"I walked over to the guy selling the drugs and I grabbed him by his backpack and I told him to never come back here again," said Fjeld.

He said when police arrived, there wasn't much that could be done. But, he decided to put up a sign warning any future potential drug deals from happening.

"We put a sign up basically declaring that this is our park. This is for our kids and it's not for you to do your drug deals," Fjeld told 13News Now.

The sign voiced the frustration from his family and now, the whole neighborhood. He said since the incident, many neighbors have come forward and told him they've also seen the same activity going on for a while.

Fjeld said he chose to stand up for this when things just weren't right, like he's done before.

His homeless ministry "99 for the 1" has been helping people across Virginia Beach via two vans.

The ministry gives out clothing and food, also providing showers.

"I kind of just take everything I've learned in my life and put it into a ministry or help people along the way," he said.

That's the whole reason behind his confrontation the other day and the sign that now sits at the park across the street from his house.

"In my 20's, I knew what it was like to be in the drug scene and to be the bad guy so I was on the other side of the tracks," he said. "You might as well say something now because eventually, they'll end up in prison or dead and it's too late then."